This project was inspired by vintage barbershops, tile patterns, and modern badge elements. The first steps I took was to establish the brand guidelines for Prim & Pawper. A pointed serif typeface was chosen for the primary logo with a 1 point outline. The secondary typefaces chosen was Proxima Nova and Adobe Garamond Pro. Shown in the photo on the left, the logo family had many different forms that would be implemented on different packages in the box.
After printing and cutting out the die-lines for these packages, I realized that lots of changes needed to be made. The patterns on the individual bottles needed to either be removed or flush left on the label. Test prints are very helpful in the process of creating a package because it points out specific alternations such as the type of paper and printer I wanted to use in order to get the correct color palette.
After assembling each package and placing them in the box, it was very apparent that there was a missing piece in the bottom right corner of the box. Luckily, I had lots of products left over from the initial haul for this assignment which led me to add nail clippers in that space. When I put together the shampoo & pawpourri box there seemed to be something missing. I had left over ribbon that matches the color and texture of the bowtie, so I created a short tab to ease the process of opening the box.
The photo on the top left includes sketches of the way that I wanted to photograph this box. Not only is creating a unique package important, but the photographs are the most important because that is what employers see.
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